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John Dearness Playground Program

John Dearness Playground Program: Rebuilding for Our Young Learners

Welcome to the John Dearness Playground Program! We are thrilled to launch this community-driven initiative aimed at rebuilding and enhancing the Kindergarten Playground at John Dearness Public School.


As a proud parent and committed member of the school community, I am pledging to donate up to 25% of my real estate commissions to make this vision a reality.

Our Goal: Our mission is simple but impactful — to create a vibrant and safe space where our youngest learners can play, explore, and learn. The removal of the Junior Kindergarten Playground has left a void in the daily lives of our children, and we believe that together, we can fill that void and provide an enriching environment for their growth. The funds raised through this campaign will directly contribute to the rebuilding efforts, ensuring that our children have access to a playground that fosters physical well-being, creativity, and joyful learning experiences.

How You Can Contribute: Your support is crucial in achieving our goal. You can make a direct contribution to the John Dearness Playground Program through our dedicated fundraising page Additionally, sharing this initiative with your friends, family, and colleagues will help amplify our impact.

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